Polished Stainless Rotors for

Big Twins

It never ceases to amaze us here at EBC that solid or non floating rotors are still being fitted to modern motorcycles for cost savings reasons when there is such a ready technology with the polished stainless floating rotor for Big Twins at hand to replace them.


Great service, can’t thank you enough. When every other parts supplier let me down these guys saved my bacon. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. Thanks again.

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Complete lineup of rotors…

EBC manufactures a complete line of floating rotors for the latest big twins, as well as floating rotor conversion products perfect for solid units to improve braking and offset potential vibrations.

All rotors are manufactured in the UK using stainless steel, usually polished stainless steel, center hubs and assembled using the proprietary EBC SD System square drive button technology. The EBC front floating rotor features a 5 or 9 button design, while the rear rotor includes up to 12 drive buttons, providing a rugged look and robust unit for heavy-duty applications.

Always use new pads when replacing rotors. Old or worn pads can cause hot spots and shine on the rotors, which can promote brake fade and brake loss.

Designed from the ground up to perform.

Custom Polished Brake Rotors for American Motorcycles Featuring high-gloss brakes, the new EBC series features stainless steel brake rotor rings/blades and polished stainless steel center hubs. The new unit features a contoured profile and a slotted rotor profile on opposite sides as shown, which greatly improves pad familiarity and reduces rotor damage (rotor galling)

The reason we have opted for stainless steel centre hubs is due to the weight and heavy duty nature of larger American motorcycles often using twin cylinder technology which can lead to more vibration or frame shake.

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Front Wheel Applications

We currently offer a selection of 5-spoke solid brake rotors (Type 1) and 5-spoke floating rotors (Type 2) with full-circle rotor blade designs or contour profile blade designs (Type 3).

Rear Wheel Application

We currently offer a choice of full circle profile (Type 5) or contour profile (Type 4), with both units offering a robust 10 button EBC riveting system.

All Components
Rivets, washers and spring pressure washers plus both the hub and the rotor blade are stainless steel, no rusty rotors with EBC’s new deluxe American motorcycle range.

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