Oversize MX Brake Rotors

Travis Pastrana’s recommended brake setup… who else knows better than him?

This easy oversized MX disc/rotor upgrade is the best way to gain more stopping power and control in just a few minutes


Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Tracy at EBC UK customer services. Friendly, efficient, and helpful customer service to support top quality components. Will definitely purchase direct again in the future.

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This oversized MX disc/rotor conversion kit includes:

  • A fully floating rotor with a diameter of 280mm that is ideal for replacing the genuine solid rotor. (Full floating rotor is more resistant to warping and handles heat and loads better) and is made with a British laser profile.
  • Contoured lightest weight profile rotor blade with self cleaning outside profiled curves
  • New German rolled stainless steel rotor blades and center hub with EBC logo
  • 6 button stainless steel drive button system
  • Billet aluminum relocation bracket designed and manufactured by MX Expert Ted Devol in California

Oversize MX Disc

The Oversize MX Disc / rotor kits installation is a breeze and not only raises braking power by 30% it improves brake control and modulation. That’s why World Top Rider and X Games Champion Travis Pastrana uses and recommends this brake kit See here comments from Travis.

Add to this a set of British made EBC Carbon X or TT pads brake pads for sport riding to reduce heat and deliver fingertip stopping or the new MX-S sintered copper alloy pads made in our own USA factory for the ideal brake pad and a brake set up others will envy.

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Product Information

This extremely popular range of oversize rotors has become a worldwide number one seller. The optimum 280mm design gives a significant improvement to stopping power but also great modulational/control without the risk of ‘grounding’ on excessively over diameter units.

The rotors are quick and easy to fit with beautifully crafted brackets made by Ted Devol in the United States, available for all recent modern moto-x machines.

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Made In The UK

EBC Brakes Racing proudly manufactures its 2-piece brake rotors and Apollo Series brake calipers in our Northampton, UK world headquarters. Our philosophy is that only when we manufacture every component in house do we have total control over the entire process from start to finish.

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