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Streetbike Brake Pads

EBC Brakes™ Organic OE quality replacement motorcycle brake pads are manufactured in the UK using an environmentally friendly high-tech brake pad compound that puts stopping power at your fingertips.


Having used just about every brand of discs and pads over 20 years, I am utterly astounded by the big step EBC seem to have made. The brakes are better than they have ever been.

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Organic OE High Quality Replacements

EBC Brakes™ Organic OE quality replacement motorcycle brake pads are manufactured in the UK using an environmentally friendly high-tech brake pad compound that puts stopping power at your fingertips. With over 40 million sets sold worldwide, E327 grade organic compound has been EBC’s best-selling product for over 15 years and is suitable for all road bikes and scooters.

These organic brake pads are currently ECE R 90 brake safety test approved and fully TÜV tested. Germany-based Motorrad Magzine rates EBC Brakes™ Organic OE Quality Replacement Motorcycle Brake Pads as high-quality organic brake pads, still proven to be a suitable alternative to sintered pads.

Now ECE R90 Approved

What does R90 mean? Cheap and inferior motorcycle brakes are the quickest way to cause an accident, no matter where or how you ride. EBC Brakes welcomes the new legislation regarding the ECE R90 brake safety test, which closes the door to worthless parts. Until recently, all EBC brakes were tested by Germany’s notorious TUV test center and carried a KBA (German Automobile Organization) certification number.

EBC Brakes is pleased to announce that after extensive multi-model testing at the MIRA (Motor Industries Research Association) test track located at Nuneaton, UK, that both EBC aramid organic pads and EBC Double-H sintered pads have been approved.

3 Types Of Brake Pads

There are three types of brake pads used on modern motorcycles, and these fall into the organic, semimetallic, and sintered groups. Briefly, semi-metallic pads are blended with up to 30 or 50% cheap steel fibers, organic pads are made from man-made fibers such as aramid or Twaron bonded with petrochemical resins, and sintered metal pads is a copper alloy fused by heating and pressurizing.

EBC Brakes makes only Organic and Sintered Brake pads, we do not subscribe to the steel fibre technology as suitable for motorcycle brakes for numerous reasons. Elsewhere on this website we have explained sintered brake pads in detail (Click here to read that information again).

Organic pads have attracted many enthusiasts because of the way they work. They are inherently “Softer” easier on rotors and have a brake “feel” preferred by many riders. EBC make only two formulations of organic pads for motorcycles which are described as follows.

Street Sport DMX Compound

Made with Dupont aramid fibre base this material have sold over 18 million sets alone since adopted. It is surely one of the best selling Motorcycle brake materials ever made and has passed every known standard test time and time again. It has been rated by top German consumer Magazine Motorrad as a compound that outperformed all compared organic pads in friction level tested.

DMX compound is TUV tested and approved and is the first material to pass the European ECE R90 brake safety test, tested in parallel with sintered metal pads. With a GG rated friction rating, this material technically has a lower braking force rating than sintered pads, but it’s a great addition to your prized machine.

Enduro Grade TT or X Pads

This is the EBC pad compound used for larger and heavier Enduro or what we sometimes call Paris-Dakar type or dual purpose machines. The material is carbon based with aramid fibres and as a softer pad is less aggressive to rotors and runs cooler than sintered metal.

It will last longer than its stable mate the DMX formula in dual purpose use which is why EBC make this alternate grade for that different group of Motorcycles.

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