R90 Approved Brake Pads for Motocross or Enduro Bikes

EBC Brakes™ Carbon X or TT brake pads can be used on the street or off-road. These are made from impregnated hybrid carbon and provide medium life and low temperatures for disc brakes.


Excellent performance from these racing brake pads good wear rate as well. Have enabled multiple podiums and race wins.

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Carbon X or TT Brakes

When we talk about the best off-road riders, one name always comes to mind. Our old friend Malcolm Smith, who has had an EBC outlet in his shop for many years, is a big supporter of EBC Brakes’ Carbon X or TT brake series and has been using them for trail and enduro riding for years. I’m using. Also, multiple champion Randy Hawkins has been using EBC carbon-based X pads (known as TT pads in Europe) for many years.

Although Carbon X or TT brakes don’t last as long as sintered copper brake pads, they have the unique advantage of generating and conducting less heat. Such a feature is a great advantage when driving off-road at high speeds in dry conditions. We’ve listened to fast riders over the years and have witnessed cases of rear brake rotors glowing red during night rides. This shows how hot the rotors get with trail braking. Using carbon-based pads such as X-pads or TT pads will prevent this from affecting your bike’s hydraulics.

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In Europe & USA

In Europe these pads are selected by adding the suffix TT to the part number and in the USA by adding the letter X after the FA (Freeman Automotive) series part number. EBC Carbon X or TT Brakes are coded red in paint finish and is equally happy on an ATV or a Moto X or Enduro bike and is also used in ATV Sport riding.

However, riders using these pads on their ATVs should be careful, especially on the rear rotor, as they may have a shorter wear life than the sintered pads that were installed on the original unit. Millions of riders still choose carbon pads because of their lower price compared to sintered pads. For street enduro applications such as ‘Paris-Dakar’ style road DR bikes, the EBC Carbon X or TT brakes are the ideal choice. Many European models have R 90 approval, making them safe for road use. For its ability to function effectively when hot.

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This is our best selling sport ATV pad! For several years now this successful carbon graphite formula has been the choice of top enduro and moto-x riders for certain conditions around the world. The main advantage of this type of material is its lack of heat generation or conduction, which keeps both the rotor and caliper cool.

Top Enduro and Hare Scrambles USA riders prefer this material for fast and dry riding conditions. The material is also very useable for standard sport ATV usage. Also TUV tested and KBA approved for street use on enduro bikes. The TT series or X pads do not last as long as a sintered pad but are a strong favourite amongst Enduro riders due to their low heat transfer

Engineered, manufactured & assembled in the UK

Carbon X & TT Pads are cast in UK, machined in the UK, painted in the UK and then assembled in the UK. Reinforcing the EBC philosophy of providing quality British made braking products yet at affordable prices.

With so many pads in this segment of the market being bought in from far East, surely this is the ultimate testament to EBC’s devotion to quality. EBC are, and will always be a true champion of Great British engineering.

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