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For ultimate durability, EBC offers the “R” series of high-density ATV and dirt sintered series pads. Manufactured in our own U.S. facility from a  sintered copper material, our “R” Series heavy duty ATV and moto-x pads are highly durable and highly resistant to contamination from mud, water, sand, sand, and more. It has become the aftermarket standard. Reduces disc damage and extends pad life.


ATV & Dirt Sintered Pads are cast in UK, machined in the UK, painted in the UK and then assembled in the UK.

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ATV & Dirt Sintered Pads

Many of us enjoy pretending to be Malcolm Smith and going off-road with red brakes. For that group, ATV sintered R-series pads are an ideal choice for off-road riding. R-Series pads are sintered copper alloy pads manufactured in our US sinter production facility that provide medium-to-high friction pads that are durable under all conditions, including wet, muddy, and sandy conditions, at an attractive price. Provided in obi.

Sintered brakes are a very modern and interesting technology. Click here to learn more about EBC sintered brakes. ATV sintered R-series pads are commonly applied to two-wheelers and four-wheelers alike, especially because of some driving conditions where the rear ATV rotor hangs in the mud and bites into lower-quality pads. Very popular among weekend ATV riders. EBC series pads can be used on all modern ATV and Moto X bikes and are priced significantly lower than the original parts

R Series pads are also designed for minimum rotor abrasion and will not damage your bikes brake rotors. If you have a wear life problem with an ATV EBC does make an even longer lasting pad with its SV Series Severe Duty range, shown on this page. The SV Series Severe duty brake pad is a High density sintered copper alloy for longest possible life in utility applications on ATV, especially in wet, mud, dust and dirt conditions.

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Sintered copper brakes are made by one of two processes, pressure sintering in a vacuum furnace or sintering through a belt furnace in a controlled atmosphere. The steel backing plates for the brake pads are copper coated and a preformed sintered copper “Puck” is located onto pips in the plate (either male or female) and the parts are passed through a furnace. At a pre-determined temperature the copper coating under the pad puck melts and fused the puck and plate together.

Sintering is a very exact process and the EBC expertise has made it a world leader in such technology and gained it numerous OE contracts. In the aftermarket EBC continues to offer sintered brakes for applications requiring longer life and higher heat performance and organic pads for sport and general purpose use. Both work well in their respective markets and have a place in the industry, elsewhere on this website we can explain the merits of each compound type and assist you in choosing what is right for your riding requirements.

Engineered, manufactured & assembled in the UK

ATV & Dirt Sintered Pads are cast in UK, machined in the UK, painted in the UK and then assembled in the UK. Reinforcing the EBC philosophy of providing quality British made braking products yet at affordable prices.

With so many pads in this segment of the market being bought in from far East, surely this is the ultimate testament to EBC’s devotion to quality. EBC are, and will always be a true champion of Great British engineering.

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